Topic 15: Image Sharing

June 15th, 2010

The last topic is all about image sharing, but I want to focus especially on Flickr, because it is such a great tool. I had never thought of of using it myself until I learned about everything it has to offer on the Magical Feature Tour ( ).

First of all, there are several different ways through which you can upload photos: the Flickr Uploadr, iPhoto, Aperture, Windows XP plugins, the Flickr upload web page, email, and other third party desktop programs. If you want to edit your pictures, you have a variety of options to choose from, including eliminating red eye, photo cropping, adding different effects, etc.

Once you’ve got your pictures the way you want them you can then organize them into sets of photos centered around specific themes. You can divide them up into favorites photos of your pet, albums of family trips, etc. You can further organize them by grouping sets together to make collections. Collections can be made up of sets from a specific year, summer vacations, and so on. Not only is it nice way to give every photo a place, it also makes it easy to perform tasks – like tagging – on a bunch of photos at once. Flickr also provides a map that you can use to pinpoint the location at which each photo was taken – a great tool for globe trekkers who want to document their travels.

Flickr makes it easy to share pictures with family, friends, or other people with similar interests. You can join or even create a new group based on a specific interest, such as small dogs or weddings. Flickr has public as well as private groups, and allows members to share their photos and discuss them. In this way, Flickr doubles as a social network, building communities based on image sharing. Flickr also gives you a variety of ways to share your pictures in person. You can make several things including prints, posters, cards, photobooks, calendars, collages and canvases to give to your friends and family.

See the kinds of groups found in the Flickr community here:

And you can explore various photo galleries here:

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