Topic 11: RSS

June 8th, 2010

To be honest, I am already feeling a little bombarded with all of the information I try to consume online. My inbox is overflowing with all types of emails from newsletters I have subscribed to, from business articles to do-it-yourself home repair tips. My bookmarks list is stuffed with pages that I needed once that I am too afraid to get rid of. I’ve become a virtual packrat, and I’m afraid that using RSS feeds may ultimately just support the habit.

However, I’ve decided to try it out, only subscribing to RSSs that will actually make my life simpler rather than more confused. Maybe you’ll find the ones I have chosen worthwhile as well.  The first RSS feed I want belongs to Orbitz (  ). I can choose the deal category that I want and keep track of only those. This is great for me because my Dad often flies down from Detroit to visit us, but I never find really good deals because I am never think about it far enough in advance.

Another good RSS feed to subscribe to is for Craigslist (  ). God I love Craigslist! Cheap furniture, new roomates or whatever you could possibly need is probably on Craigslist. Unfortunately, the way people post ads can sometimes be misleading or just ineffective, forcing desperate homeless students to check in every half hour for new ads. An RSS feed probably would have helped decrease the emotional stress for me caused by staring at the Craigslist website all day.

The last RSS feed that I want to add helps me get deals on all the things I can’t get on craigslist – DealCatcher (  ). Sometimes extremely important occasions like your birthday just aren’t enough of a reason for your parents to express their love with a new laptop. They are just going to say no and forget about it, so you have to searching for awesome deals until you find one that one they like. OR, subscribe to such a website and let the RSS do the work for you.

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  1. Sofia Lang on June 8, 2010 6:50 pm

    I also added DealCatcher to my RSS feed. It definitely helps you get the best deals on just about everything. Using my RSS feed I can keep track of the lastest deals regarding any category you are interested in being updated on. I’am addicited to checking airplane tickets all the time. Hopefully one day I’ll find one i can afford.

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