Topic 10: Tagging

June 4th, 2010

If you are trying to maintain your own blog or website, tagging may seem like a hassle that you don’t want to bother with. However, it has its advantages. Not only does it provide some visual interest, you can use tags in combination with categories to improve the arrangement of your blog content. What is the advantage of including tags into the organization of the information on your blog? Well, if you are writing a blog with a consistent theme such as giving tips for traveling then you could use categories and tags to deal with the crossover of information from each post. Your categories may include topics like skiing, adventure travel, and family travel. A post entitled “Skiing in Vail” would be under the skiing category, but could also be tagged as Colorado. A post called “White Water Rafting” could be under the adventure travel and/or family travel categories, and both could be tagged as Colorado as well. This way you have given the reader the option of searching by location or by activity in a more organized way ( ).

You can even organize the content on your Twitter page with tags. You can use hash tags to tag a phrase rather than a single word to better describe the related information. This will also make your content easier to find for people who enter more descriptive key-phrases to find info with a search engine (  ). For good instructions on how to incorporate tags into the organization of your blog or website content, check out this article on

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