Topic 8: Podcasts

June 2nd, 2010

For those of us who are a little too impatient to sit down and read a newspaper – printed or online – podcasts can be a good alternative source of information or entertainment. I like listening to podcasts because it is as effortless as listening to the radio. I never give myself enough time in the morning to eat breakfast, let alone read a newspaper. I also make a habit of walking to class rather than driving, so I do not have the opportunity to listen to the radio. Even if I could listen to the radio, I tend to miss parts of a program because they are not suited to my schedule. What could be better than being able to pause your favorite radio program when you get to class and finish it right after? And once you get used to not having to deal with annoying commercials, you may never want to listen to traditional radio shows again.

With podcasts you can listen to pretty much whatever tickles your fancy. I can listen to anything from last Sunday’s sermon to the latest remixes from my dj friend. The endless variety of radio programs to listen to makes it interesting to people of all ages and backgrounds. My Dad listens regularly to his favorite political podcast programs, but would never have started using podcasts on his own. He thought the only way to hear all of his favorite political show was to leave early for work and sit in his parked car until the show ended. Rather than let his running engine emit enough green house gases to singlehandedly destroy our atmosphere over the years, I download the show for him. It’s as simple as that!

You can listen to The Digital Beats Podcast (the one hosted by my friend) at

Or, check out these links to find popular podcasts:

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